1) Internet and Wi-fi facility

College is having a10 Mbps Internet connection, locally networked and connected through wi-fi also to the central server are available for students for their project work and preparing seminar presentations. It also access to e-books, study materials, previous question papers daily circulars, etc. through the college Local Area Network.Internet facilities in the well-equipped internet lab, providing high speed of connectivity the student can surf the net together unlimited information. Wi-fi facility in the Institution Campus is a milestone in the history of this institution as it puts the college on the road to paperless administration and functioning. With this addition the college will provide internet and intranet access to all students and staff for instructional purpose on par with colleges internationally. The class rooms are provided with wireless access points for the students to make use of internet and intranet.

2) Infrastrucure

Infrastrucureell furnished classrooms, well-equipped library.  Resource Centre, Commerce Lab, Computer Lab, Soft-Skills Development Lab.
The College makes use of its infrastructure optimally by conducting various academic programmes.
Apart from its own infrastructure the college has the advantage of making use of the posted facilities of sister institutions like  Canteens and Sports facilities.


Infrastructural facilities for academic activities, Co-curricular activities and extra curricular activities are well augmented and maintained.
The College has in-built mechanism to maintain its infrastructure and physical facilities.
Funds are made available for all necessary expenditure for maintenance.
Computers and other equipments are maintained through Annual Maintenance Contract.

3) Sports

Physical fitness,leadership and corporate discipline are valuable assets for active citizenship and successful career.The Gymkhana aims at promoting these qualities among the students.The all sports & gymkhana is managed by the committee nominated by the principal,who is its president and the chairman,who is the member of the staff and is placed in-charge of sports activities of the College.
The College Gymkhana Provides, at present, for the following games and sports on the premises of the college.

Volley Ball
Major Indian Games and Athletics

4) Canteen


5) Medical Facilities

An institution dispensary is provided in the campus and is manned by the medical officers to provide free medical care to all the students and near by residents. The college arranges various vaccination campuses regularly and students receive regular physical checkups and routine tests.